Roof Systems
İZOSERwith its engineering values and innovation principle in all its fields of activity, has taken its place also in this field of  the sector with the development of system solutions in tile roof applications in the 90s and has successfully completed various prestigious projects.

İZOSER, which entered the roof coatings with BRAAS Roof Systems, added aluminum, zinc and other roof coatings to its structure and became one of the sought-after companies in the sector with its applications including steel and qualified wooden construction infrastructure services.

The concept of "warm roof", which could not find a place for itself in architectural designs due to lower roof surface slopes in our country compared to European countries in the previous years, has become widespread with the legal regulations made on roof slopes in the last 10 years., and natural daylight, which transforms the under-roof life into a comfort, has been included in the designs of architects. This had led to enable the natural daylight, which turns under-roof life into comfort, to find a place in the designs of architects under the name of "roof window".

İZOSER, who follows the innovative and technological developments closely, continues to meet the comfort of its customers at the highest level by collaborating with the Velux brand, who also the leader in its field.

Alternative coating materials in the roof market allow architectural design offices to display their unique creativity. Various semi-finished metal sheets (copper, titanium-zinc) can be shaped with free and modern designs, making a fascinating difference both on roofs and facades. Titanium zinc, which is an environmentally friendly product, is preferred with its 95% recyclability. İZOSER offers in this respect 'Rheinzink titanium zinc products' which is in the position of the world leader, to its customers and continues to achieve successful projects.

The knowledge and expertise provided by İZOSER for many years  puts the company in a separate place in the field of roof coatings as well. İZOSER adds value to your buildings with functional, aesthetic, long-lasting, problem-free roof applications.
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