Reflective Paints
This paint group, which has been used abroad for many years and has just started to be applied in our country, is an application type that ensures the energy efficiency of the building and minimizes the energy costs.

The paint structure used is a water-based ceramic modified acrylic exterior paint. It has high water resistance and has water repellent properties. Its flexibility is extremely high and allows the building to breathe and the life of the structure is extended consequently. It is resistant to atmospheric bad weather conditions and abrasion. Reflective paints provide heat insulation thanks to the ceramic modifier.. It can provide a decrease in internal temperatures up to 12⁰C depending on the color and climate.

İzoser started joint work with Bortek Termal Boya in 2013, which is the distributor of the USA Hy-TechThermal Solutions company in Turkey and in12 countries. Hy-TechThermal Solutions is one of the suppliers of Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Reflective paint technology is frequently used in space studies.