President’s Message
Innovation, development, improvement… In its life of up to 60 years, İZOSER A.Ş. by constantly adopting these principles and incorporating the systems and innovations required by the age with the contributions of trained personnel, it has been protecting its solution partner role since the day it was founded.

It is obvious that we have entered a difficult period due to the combination of the political and economic problems experienced recently both in our country and our region with the financial recession and crises around the world. However, we maintain our optimism that these difficulties will be overcome, considering the economic size our country has achieved together with the creativity and productivity of our people. We believe that a growth achieved by maintaining the necessary financial discipline, is  also noteworthy in terms of creating employment and that this will make valuable contributions to the economy of our country Our company will achieve the required growth target in the future as in previous years with the contributions of its personnel, with whom it has worked together. Our company, which has incorporated and will continue to add both new technologies and new application areas, continues to increase its share in foreign markets.

İZOSER A.Ş., which has added roof coatings, especially Braas Roof System Applications and industrial floor coatings  in last 25 years to its initial field of water and heat insulation applications has also added passive fire insulation and reflective paint (insulation) applications since due to it’s respect for nature policy and as a result of the desire to be more active in this field.

Being aware of the fact that the way to maintain the current principles of quality and modernity depends on trained manpower, our company continues its training programs with the same intensity in order to contribute to the development of all its employees with whom it works.

Our general sense of quality and awareness of both Occupational  Health and Safety and protection of the Nature and Environment are not only limited to the documents we have (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), but are also at the center of maintaining our business and our lives.

We would like to thank employer firms, manufacturers and our colleagues who have trusted us since the date we were established, and we commit that we will not discredit their trust in the future as in the past.

Yours Sincerely,

Cüneyt Ulubaş