About Us
İZOSER, the indispensable name of the insulation sector,started its activities  by our founding president, the late Ahmet Nejat Ulubaş, in Istanbul in 1965 and continues the path it started together with its long years of experience and knowledge.

Our company, which entered the sector with the appellation of İZOSER Collective Company, has accomplished countless successful projects since then and has had the opportunity to proudly add each and every work it has delivered to its references. It has also followed the technological developments closely and always worked with the most advanced techniques and technology of the period. While operating only domestically between 1965 and 1982, İZOSER, has also worked multinationally since 1982 by taking part in international projects and had the opportunity to demonstrate its meticulous and perfectionist business approach abroad.

İZOSER looks to the future with the rightful pride of being a preferred institution in many regions of Turkey and the world, with the companies it has established in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Montenegro.